Policy Statement

Shannon Well Service

Policy Update Effective as of November 1, 2016

There will be a 2 hour minimum on all service calls outside the Matador city limits. Hourly rates will be raised to 100.00/per hour. These changes were made after considerable contemplation in an effort to keep our business viable. We know that our customers are also struggling in today’s economy, but we have to update our pricing to cover operating costs. We hope our customers will understand and continue to support our home-town business. Thank you.

Policy Statement Effective as of September 1, 2015

We’re glad that you are partnering with Shannon Well Service for all of your well water needs. We offer sales and service for:

  • electric stock wells
  • windmills
  • solar pumps
  • irrigation wells
  • house wells

We have three trucks with various pulling units capable of working on jobs both large and small. Nathan Shannon, Cimarron Shannon, Laredo Shannon and Chance Maynard team up to form two crews that are ready to help you with all of your water well needs.

In order to be ready to work when we get your call, we keep our trucks stocked with all of the most commonly used pumps, pipe, plumbing supplies and windmill maintenance parts. We also carry 1,000,000.00 worth of commercial auto and liability insurance. In addition, our team keeps abreast of the latest in water technology by taking advantage of schools and classes and other forms of continuing education. Together we hold five water-related licenses issued by the state of Texas for Pump Installation, Landscape Irrigation and Backflow Prevention and Assembly Testing.

We like happy, loyal customers and we know you also appreciate our loyalty to you. Besides making sure we have our trucks stocked and in good working order, whenever we get a call for an emergency house well or stock well on which cattle solely rely, we do everything we can to change our schedule and get to you as soon as possible with no extra emergency charge.

In return for our loyalty to you, we ask you to also be loyal to us. Most people don’t realize that the labor fee we charge is our break-even point for running our business. Maintaining our trucks, paying our business and truck notes, paying our insurance, paying our technicians, etc. are things this money goes toward. Our business only profits when you purchase the parts that you need from us and use us exclusively for your water well needs. Some customers buy cheaper parts elsewhere and want us to install them. Our business can’t operate this way for long. Not only can we not offer a warranty on these parts, obviously, but running a break-even crew with no profitability means we won’t be in business for long. Other customers let someone else work on their electric or solar wells, but call us to do their windmill work because their other guy won’t. There’s a reason that not many well service crews want to work on windmills; it’s hands down the most dangerous, the hottest, the coldest, the most difficult and the least profitable of all the water well industry jobs. When you only call us when your other guy won’t do it, you’re basically asking us to do you a favor. There’s not much in it for us most times. Remember that we need your loyalty to stay in business, just like you need our loyalty when your well issues need fast, reliable service as quickly as possible.

As we stated earlier, in order for us to offer the most effective service we can, we must keep our trucks well stocked. This means we’re buying the parts well before you ever need them. Keep this in mind when you get our invoice. Our suppliers expect to be paid in a timely manner and your quick payments help us meet our obligations in this area. We ask that you pay your invoice within 21 days from the time you receive it. Unfortunately, we have some customers who take months to pay us. This means we have to make sacrifices at home to pay for their supplies out of our own pockets until they pay. Some customers never pay at all. Our small business, like many others in our area, has tens of thousands of dollars out on the books at any given time. This can make for many sleepless nights. This wouldn’t be a problem if we had piles of money sitting in the bank, but for a new business trying to service a large area, we often wonder, like a lot of other people living paycheck to paycheck, how we will make it until the next month. The only workable solution, for our business and our community to be viable, is for us all to partner together and never take each other for granted. Since our suppliers charge us an extra 5% after 30 days for your parts, we will also add 5% to your bill after the 30 day point, and 5% every month thereafter. Also, be sure you don’t have any balances going out past 30 days before calling for more work to be done.

We have a very unique business. Because of the nature of the service, a lot of our work is underground and unseen. We’re not sure what we will find when we pull your well or climb your windmill tower. It might be something simple, or it might require several visits. You may just need a few replacement parts, or we may have to special order something or rebuild a motor. You may have to get a new well drilled or just take some time to decide which option you want to pursue. This may cause some of our jobs to stretch out for weeks and even months if new wells have to be drilled, or bad weather keeps us from the job site. By the time your job is finished, we’ve long since had to pay for the parts we installed and pay our technicians for the time spent on your job. Most service industries like plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc. can usually give you a pretty good estimate of the work before they begin, and some of them even require money up front. This isn’t possible with the majority of well work. Since we don’t know what we will eventually find, we can’t ask you to pay first. This makes water well work an adventure, to say the least! If we test a well for you, have discussed work options/estimates with you and you are still unsure which option you’d like to pursue, we will go ahead and send a bill for the initial service call if we don’t hear from you in 7 days. When you’re ready to go forward with your project, we will start a new work ticket at that time.

We’re not writing this to complain. On the contrary, we enjoy the work and want to continue serving you and to raise our families here, building a growing successful business in this area. We’re writing to raise awareness among the general population that we serve and to remind you, our customers, that we need you to have our backs during these our first hard years carrying a heavy debt load. If you are a small business owner, farmer or rancher, you already know all of this and have experienced it for yourself. If you’ve never been in business for yourself, maybe you will have a little different perspective after reading this.

If you’re one of our many current customers, thank you again for your loyalty and past business. If you’re just at the point of choosing a well service to patronize, we’d appreciate it if you’d consider Shannon Well Service for your next job.


The team at Shannon Well Service